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Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.El próximo 27 de Junio tendrá lugar en el Parque Científico de Madrid el “Seminario teórico y práctico de cuantificación de DNA/RNA” organizada Bonsai [...]

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DeNovix Donating Platinum Edition DS-11 FX+ to Celebrate Prestigious Award

DeNovix Inc. is giving away a unique, platinum-colored DS11 FX+ 1µL Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer to celebrate the instrument receiving the SelectScience Platinum Seal of Quality. The DeNovix DS-11 FX Series is the first life science instrument to be recognized with this prestigious award. The Seal of Quality program recognizes life science products that have consistently [...]

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Do you know the new automation friendly CLEAR ADVANTAGE™ reservoirs? The new automation friendly CLEAR ADVANTAGE™ reservoirs  consist of disposable and sterile polystyrene reservoir inserts that sit securely within a sturdy and reusable base. The SureFloTM Array located on the flat bottom reservoir prevents pipette tip seal off. This allows users to rest the pipette tips directly [...]

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INTEGRA highlights benefits of low retention pipette tips

INTEGRA has released an application guide highlighting the importance of choosing the right disposable tips for the liquid you’re pipetting.   The recently published Performance of Low Retention GripTips from INTEGRA demonstrates how these high quality consumables can improve pipetting performance for viscous and low surface tension liquids. High quality pipettes and correct techniques are [...]

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Western blot is a widespread analytical technique used to detect specific protein in a biological sample. Recently, the Science Park of Barcelona (PCB) has acquired two Odyssey Fc systems which will help scientist improve the results. María del Mar García, associate research in Joan J. Guinovart´s lab, comments:  “Thanks to Odyssey Fc, our scientific results [...]

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The DS-11 Fx+, the best product of the year 2017

The DeNovix DS11 FX+ spectrophotometer / fluorometer has been awarded the Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Life Science Product of the Year 2017 at a special ceremony held during the meeting of the American Association of Cancer Research in Washington D.C., USA. Hosted by SelectScience®, the Scientists Choice Awards® recognize life science products that have [...]

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Normalization is Critical for Quantitaive results from Western Blot

One of the main objectives of the quantitative Western Blot is determine relative changes between different samples. The variability of the samples is influenced by different factors like sample handling, sample loading and transfer the protein. Internal load control can compensate and correct these variations mathematically. This process is called normalization and it is used [...]

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48 vs. 96/384 Well Why wait? – see your data now. Mic’s reproducibility shatters the commonly held belief that to get the same results you must run all of your samples at the same time. With as little as 3% variability in results across multiple machines and over an extended period of time, you can [...]

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Mejores prácticas de medida de fluorescencia usando DS-11 FX O QFX

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.Los ensayos fluorimétricos de ADN y cuantificación de proteínas son rutina en muchos laboratorios de investigación científica. Como en todas las técnicas [...]

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