What Bonsai means

Our name is inspired in the Japanese concept, translating as “to grow into a frame” and refers to the art of cultivating a tree under very restricted resources of soil, water and room.
We see our business quite much the same.

Our culture
Consists on management systems that include special dedication to the recruitment, training and motivation of people; a very detailed preparation and prosecution of the business plan  and a bright company image in a constant search for quality and technological innovation.

Our mission

“We pursue strong leadership in small high technology market niches, partnering the best world class manufacturers and providing outstanding support and service to our customers.

“We link the highest researchers´ needs with the manufacturers of the best analytical solutions.”

Rafael G. de Calderón. C.E.O.

Our values
Our differential values are, the quality  and professionalism of our human capital who work with the aim of being part of the R&D`s improvement of all of the countries where we work.
We are moved by serving researchers and helping them to achive their goals in order to definitively improve the life quality of people.

Our team

We are qualified professionals with large expertise in each field of application and long term commitment to our partners, customers and company. In Bonsai we care about our people.

Who to turn to? : if you need any information related to our products or applications, our sales and products specialis will be delighted to  help you.  You can call us, send us and email to info@bonsaiadvanced.com or fill in one of our information request forms.

Customers’  Satisfaction

In our daily activity strives for continuous improvement related to the satisfaction of our customers, we periodically evaluate our service engineers and we are very proud of the global results for the last three years, with an average result of 4,82/5