High precision gas and vapor phisisorption instrument

  • Fully Automatic process control from pretreatment to data results
  • Max 4 samples can be tested simultaneously
  • Reliable acquisition with AFSM (Advanced Free Space Measurement) method

Product description

The BELSORP-max II analyzes surface area and porosity of up to four samples simultaneously. Three analysis ports can include the ability to resolve micropores and low surface areas. The BELSORP-max II admits analysis vapors as a standard. The BELSORP-max II includes the option Full Automatic System to perform user-unattended analysis of multiple samples from pretreatment to the last data point of the isotherm.

The BELSORP-max II uses the AFSM method to improve the gas dosification data points in repetitive samples, providing reliability and saving time.

Technical Specifications

  • High throughput instrument with simultaneous measurement of up to 4 samples.
  • New advanced function “GDO (Gas Dosing Optimization)”.
  • The best suitable measurement conditions are automatically set using saved customer’s adsorption isotherm data.
  • An advanced system of direct evacuating and intelligent valve control reduces the measurement time significantly.
  • High precision vapor adsorption measurement under the strict temperature control.
  • High precision measurement by Advanced Free Space Measurement (AFSMTM)
  • LN2 automatic supplier and the dedicated heater enable fully automatic seamless process control from pretreatment to measurement.
  • The advanced GCMC method is featured, which enables to perform precise and high-resolution PSD analysis considering the interaction of actual material surface and adsorbate molecules.
  • The measurement process status and the results can be checked from new remote monitoring function using e-mail system.



Sample degassing and pretreatment station enabling either inert gas flow or vacuum. Temperature range from RT to 430 C. 6 Ports

Gas Selector

Option to expand the number of gas inlets with 5 additional lines, one of them optionally prepared for corrosive gases

Quick Seal

Accessory for the sample tube that prevents the sample from being exposed to air during the transfer from the degassing unit to the analyzer.


Catalysts, Fuel Cells, Carbon, Pharma and Medicine, Cosmetics, Cements, Inks and Toner, Ceramics, Semiconductors, Adsorbents MOFs/PSPs, Zeolites.

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