On October 1st, LI-COR launched a new software for Western blot analysis called Empiria StudioTM.

This software let you produce the highest quality and most robust and replicable data as it has been designed around the best practice guidelines from leading publishers:

  • Adaptive Background Subtraction (ABS). The quantification uses a patent-pending background subtraction method optimized for reproducibility. For more information read Adaptive Background Subtraction White Paper.
  • Antibody validation Without an Antibody Validation, you can’t be sure your primary antibody is specific and selective to the expected target.
  • Combined linear range determination. Without a Combined Linear Range Determination, you can’t be sure that you are accurately measuring changes in protein expression.
  • Housekeeping protein validation. If you’re using a housekeeping protein as an internal loading control, you’ll want to make sure its expression isn’t altered by conditions in your experiment. So Empiria Studio has a workflow for Housekeeping Protein Validation, too.
  • Western blots analysis. With Empiria Studio, target protein data are automatically normalized (based on the type of internal loading control you used) and vital statistical values are automatically calculated. At the end of a target analysis, Empiria Studio will calculate your fold change and automatically create a chart with the data. You can see results and confidently draw conclusions — using one software package. No more need for spreadsheets, graphing software, or word processing in your Western blot analysis and reporting process.

Do not hesitate and get 30-day free trial!