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Our name is inspired in the Japanese concept “to grow into a frame” and refers to the art of cultivating a tree under very restricted resources (of soil, water and room) and with a large dose of wisdom and patience.

We see our business quite much as the same. We try to develope our maximum potential to adapt our knowledge and efforts to the specific needs and applications potential of each one of our clients.

We want to be the best at what we do.


Rafael Calderón

Rafael G. de Calderón. C.E.O.

“We pursue strong leadership in small high technologic market niches, partnering the best world class manufacturers and providing outstanding support and service to our customer”.

“We link the highest needs with the best analytical solutions”.


We believe in the union of professionalism and passion. All the people working at Bonsai have the illusion of helping people to have a better quality of life.

We work for:

  • Cancer Research
  • Food Quality
  • New Materials Development
  • Environment
  • Forest and Agricultural Optimization
  • Renewable Energies

Although modestly, we also try to help other people improve their situation.

We collaborate with:


We financially collaborate with his association, Bonsaiad, for the construction of water wells and dams in Africa.

We also support “Siguiendo Tus Pasos” (Following your Steps), a Musical Show that collects money for projects all around the world.

Siguiendo tus pasos


We are highly qualified professionals with an extensive experience in each one of the fields of application for which we work.

We believe in on-going training and improvement and we carefully prepare our annual training plan to adapt the continuous technological innovations to the applications’ needs of our customers.

How can we help you?

We offer multiple ways to contact us. We will always be delighted to assist you:

  • Phone+34 14 902 3434
  • Online Forms:
    • General Information Request
    • Technical Information Request
    • Demo Request
  • In addition, we offer a remote technical support for our customers


Bonsai Advanced Technologies was founded in 2005 as a spin off from Bonsai Technologies Group S.A. to be more specialized in different areas of application and improve the quality of our customer service.

The current team developed an extensive professional track in both multinational and local distribution platforms. We join innovative ideas and extensive technological and managerial heritage, successfully built in companies like VARIAN, UNICAM, IZASA, THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC or TECNOVAC.