Do you know the new automation friendly CLEAR ADVANTAGE™ reservoirs?

The new automation friendly CLEAR ADVANTAGE™ reservoirs  consist of disposable and sterile polystyrene reservoir inserts that sit securely within a sturdy and reusable base.

The SureFloTM Array located on the flat bottom reservoir prevents pipette tip seal off. This allows users to rest the pipette tips directly on the bottom of the reservoir offering an incredibly low dead volume of less than 3ml.

The windows allow users to safely position tips directly at the bottom of the reservoir without crashing pipette tips or aspirating air. Having two windows allows for visibility whether 96, 384 or a single column of tips are being used.

The automation friendly reagent reservoirs are available in two volumes, 150ml and 300ml, it can be individually sold or bulk packaged. They are compatible with INTEGRA´s VIAFLO 96/384 and other liquid handling platforms.

If you work with liquid handling platforms do not hesitate and ask for a free sample of this fantastic friendly automation CLEAR ADVANTAGE™  reservoir.