High-Throuput BET Analyzer for Quality Control

  • 6 samples can be processed simultaneously
  • Data results within 20 min/sample average
  • Optional Gas Mizer for BET multi-point

Product description

The BELSORP MR6 automatically analyzes 6 samples completing pretreatment and measurement in a single instrument. Its system of sample exchange together with the system of automatic LN2 supply make of this equipment the fastest and most automatic BET analyzer of the market.

Technical Specifications

  • Flow gas adsorption method for BET single-point.
  • Sample Pretreatment, cooling and measurement are processed simultaneously improving quality control effinciency.
  • The MR6 Software performs measurement and reporting of data requiring minimal operation by the user. The calibration of the equipment is automatic and complies with the regulation 21 CFR part 11.


Gas Mixer

Capable of BET multi-point measurement with mixture of N2/He at any ratio

Automatic LN2 supply System

Include nitrogen level sensor to fill the Dewar analysis automatically when necessary

Real-time correction of LN2 temperature

P0 is corrected with the real-time liquid nitrogen temperatura measurement. Capable of the stable measurement without the environmental influences.


Catalysts, Fuel Cells, Carbon, Pharma and Medicine, Cosmetics, Cements, Inks and Toner, Ceramics, Electronics.

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