All in-one, fully automatic and multi-purpose Analyzer

  • Fully Automatic Catalyst Analyzer
  • Max temperature range from –120 oC to +1100 oC
  • Can be customized for user’s applications

Product description

The BELCAT II is a fully automated analyzer capable of providing your laboratory with a complete range of studies on catalysts.

With this unique instrument, you can acquire valuable information about the chemical and physical properties of your catalyst, catalyst support, or other materials. It is possible to determine metallic dispersion, surface area of ​​active metal, surface acidity, catalytic reactivity, adsorption kinetics, BET surface area, etc.

BELCAT II performs pulsed chemisorption, Temperature programmed tests such as reduction (TPR), Desorption (TPD), Oxidation (TPO), and reaction analysis

Technical Specifications

  • Dynamic Flow method with 4-elements TCD detector.
  • Admits most  of conventional gases He, Ar, N2, O2, H2, CO, CO2, NH3, N2O, NO… and vapors H20, CH3OH, C2H5OH, Toluene, Benzene, etc.
  • Highly sensitive linear thermal conductivity detector (TCD) assures the calibration volume remains constant over the full range of peak amplitudes so the area under the peak is directly proportional to the volume of gas reacted.
  • Corrosion-resistant detector filaments are compatible with most destructive gases and reduce the likelihood of filament oxidation.
  • The electric furnace allows to heat the reactor to maximum 1100 °C, and also reaches a minimum of 120 °C if coupled to the CatCryo.
  • BELCAT analysis areas and gas lines are thermostated up to 150 °C, and it admits up to a maximum of 19 gas lines + dedicated vapor port
  • Safety measures and compact design to protect the researchers and optimize lab space.


Vapor Dosing

Not only continuous vapor Flow, but also adsorption amount measurement of vapor with various pulsated steam is supported and it can also be used in the catalytic reaction in a humidified atmosphere.

Gas mixing unit

Mixing 3 types or more gases. BELCAT II can be connected with 3 lines.


High Resolutionn Mass Spectrometer for cuantitative and cualitative residual gas analysis, and connecting port for gas input system calibration

  • Excellent detection limit (< 1 ppm), even for condensed gases.
  • Compact design andeasy to use.
  • Wide detection range: 100% – 1 ppb.
  • Mass Range: 1-100 uma; 1-200 uma; 1-300 uma.


  • Acidity study of cracking catalyst by ammonia or pyridine TPD.
  • Basicity study of solid base catalyst.
  • Metal dispersion rate evaluation of exhaust gas catalyst / fuel cell electrode catalyst.
  • Determination of optimal preparation conditions of catalyst.
  • Catalytic reaction study, etc…

For the special applications, please contact us.

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