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Innovative, Versatile High-Resolution, High-Throughput Surface Characterization Analyzer

Product description

The 3Flex is capable of analyzing three samples in parallel so that three complete isotherms are collected in the time usually required for one analysis. Each analysis station is upgradeable from mesopore to micropore with the option of designating one station for chemisorption analyses. All analysis stations can be configured for krypton analysis of low surface area materials. Vapor sorption capability is standard. A single 3Flex with its minimal footprint and three configurable analysis stations eliminates costly investment in multiple instruments and additional bench space.


The 3Flex is ideally suited for the characterization of MOFs, zeolites, activated carbons, adsorbents, and a wide variety of porous and non-porous materials

Technical Specifications

  • Advanced manifold design and embedded control provide an ultra-stable environment for pressure and temperature measurements, extending the limits of resolution.
  • Isotherm data collection begins in the 10-6 torr range (10-9 relative pressure range for N2)
  • P0 port with dedicated pressure transducer allows continuous monitoring of saturation pressure
  • Advanced dosing method permits user to combine pressure and volume increments
  • VCR seals provide higher levels of system cleanliness, low outgas rates, and base pressures. The result is accurate low-pressure chemisorption isotherms and the ability to measure oxygen-sensitive materials.
  • High-precision mass flow controller provides extremely accurate, programmable gas control.
  • High-temperature furnace (up to 1100 °C) provides quick and accurate ramp rates to desired temperature with excellent temperature control and repeatability.
  • A total of twelve gas inlets allow multiple probe gases to be investigated maximizing efficiency and range of application.
  • Superior temperature control maintains accuracy and repeatability in monotonic isotherm.
  • Design permits transition from chemisorption to micropore physisorption within seconds.


  • Pharmaceuticals – Surface area and porosity play major roles in the ability to purify, process, blend, tablet, and package a drug substance. The useful shelf life and the dissolution rate (governing how rapidly the medicine becomes available to the body) depend upon the surface area and porosity of the material.
  • Activated Carbons – Surface area and porosity must be optimized within narrow ranges to properly accomplish gasoline vapor recovery in automobiles, solvent recovery in painting operations, or pollution controls in wastewater management.
  • Catalysts – The active surface area and the porous structure of catalysts have a great influence on production rates. Limiting the pore size allows only molecules of desired sizes to enter and leave; creating a selective catalyst that will produce primarily the desired product. Chemisorption experiments are valuable for the selection of catalysts for a particular purpose, qualification of catalyst vendors, and the testing of a catalyst’s performance over time to establish when the catalyst should be reactivated or replaced.
  • Fuel Cells – Fuel cell electrodes require high surface area with controlled porosity to produce optimum power density.

Other applications

  • Adhesivos, Aleaciones, Abrasivos, Negros de Carbón, Carbonatos, Cerámicos, Cosméticos, Detergentes, Filtros, Grafitos, Pinturas y recubrimientos, Polímeros, Suelos y Sedimentos. Adhesives, Alloys, Abrasives, Carbon Black, Carbonates, Ceramics, Cosmetics, Detergents, Filters, Graphite, Paints and Coatings, Polymers, Soils and Sediments.


  • MicroActive for 3Flex – Software interactivo de control y Reducción de DatosEl software MICROACTIVE de Micromeritics permite a los usuarios evaluar de forma interactiva los datos de isotermas. Los usuarios pueden fácilmente incluir o excluir datos, ajustando el rango deseado de puntos de los datos adquiridos experimentalmente por medio de las barras de cálculo interactivas “clic-y-arrastre”. La isoterma se puede ver en las escalas lineales o logarítmicas, a tu disposición en cada modelo de cálculo. No es necesario generar informes para ver los resultados.
  • Dispositivos de Control para Temperatura Sub-AmbienteLa precisión de control que ofrece la gama de dispositivos de control de temperatura sub- ambiente de Micromeritics permite a los usuarios decidir qué herramienta proporcionará la precisión y rendimiento deseados en el entorno científico.
    • Chiller Dewar
    • Circuladores de Enfriamiento/Calentamiento
    • CryoCooler II
    • Cryostato I
    • Iso Controller

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