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Multichannel pipettes whose tips spacing can be changed automatically.


Product description

The tips spacing of these multichannel pipettes can be changed by a simple push of a button. This mechanism enables parallel transfer of multiple samples between labware of different sizes and formats.

The VOYAGER pipettes feature the only motorized adjustable tip spacing in the industry. Depending on the model, the tip spacing can expand anywhere between 4.5 mm and 33 mm.

The motorized tip spacing offers many advantages:

  • Single handed operation leaves the other hand free to handle  labware.
  • These user defined tip spacings are saved. No need to memorize  spacings of different labware formats.


Technical Specifications

ChannelsVolume Range (ul)Increments (ul)Spacing (mm)Part. No.


AccessoriesCat. No.
Mains adapter4200
Pipette Li-ion Battery4205
Single Pipette Charging Stand, incl. Mains adapter4210
Charging/communication stand for 4 pipettes, incl. mains adapter4211
Carousel Charging Stand for 4 pipettes, incl. mains adpater4215
Linear Stand, holds up to 4 charqing stations3215
Mains adapter for linear stand and carousel stand3216
Charging Station for Linear Stand (incl. connection cable)3217
Charging/communication Station for Linear Stand (incl. connection cable and USB cable3218
Bluetooth Module for VIAFLO II/VOYAGER II Pipettes4221
Bluetooth PC module with PC software4225


Gel loading. These pipettes allow you aspirate 8 or 12 samples from a 96 well PCR plate (9 mm spacing) and dispense to 4.5 mm spacing  gel lanes.

Transfer from tubes to plates
Sample transfers from 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tube to microplates is a routine task for a VOYAGER II pipette and saves many transfer steps.

Plate reformatting. Transferring samples between 96 and 384 well plates can be tedious and prone to transfer errors. VOYAGER pipettes allow you to transfer 8 or 12 samples easily between 96 and 384 well plates.

Cell seeding
This allows you to transfer cells at a fraction of the time it would take with a single channel pipette.

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