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VIAFLO electronic pipettes are designed to solve the disadvantages of manual pipettes. Its use is very simple and productive, at the same time, ergonomic.


Product description

The electronic pipettes VIAFLO are designed to resolve the inconvenient of manual pipettes. These pipettes are easy to use, productive and ergonomic.

Due to GripTip system, you won´t worry about pipettes tips falling off. Pipette tip and pipette were designed to fit perfectly together. As a result, the loading and attachment forces of the tips are reduced to minimize wrist related stresses. In addition, the system provides a perfect tip sealing and reliably prevents tips from accidently loosening, leaking or falling off during pipetting.

The Touch Wheel is a quick and ergonomic way to modify pipetting parameters, such as volume and speed. Simply by moving a finger over the touch wheel, menus and settings can be accessed.

Using pipettes VIAFLO, you can program specific pipetting modes. This modes can be defines by the VIALINK software

Technical Specifications

ChannelVolume range (ul)Volume Increments (ul)Part. No.


AccessoriesCat. No.
Mains adapter4200
Pipette Li-ion Battery4205
Single Pipette Charging Stand, incl. Mains adapter4210
Charging/communication stand for 4 pipettes, incl. mains adapter4211
Carousel Charging Stand for 4 pipettes, incl. mains adpater4215
Linear Stand, holds up to 4 charqing stations3215
Mains adapter for linear stand and carousel stand3216
Charging Station for Linear Stand (incl. connection cable)3217
Charging/communication Station for Linear Stand (incl. connection cable and USB cable3218
Bluetooth Module for VIAFLO II/VOYAGER II Pipettes4221
Bluetooth PC module with PC software4225


Repeat Dispense. The repeat dispense mode allows dispensing multiple aliquots of the same volume without refilling the tips after each dispense. (video)

Manual Pipet. Only as long as the RUN button is pressed, the pipette aspirates or dispenses. The speed and a maximal volume can be set. This mode can be used to: measure the volume in a tube or plate, perform titrations and carefully aspirate supernatant without disturbing the pellet. (video)

Sample Dilute. This mode enables the aspiration of two different liquids separated by an air gap followed by a dispense of the tip content. Typically this mode is used to dilute a concentrated sample at which the diluent is aspirated first, followed by the air gap and then the sample. (video)

Reverse Pipet. Using this mode a larger volume is aspirated than the actual dispense, leaving a last dispense that is discarded. This  technique is used to pipette viscous and volatile liquids and can also improve pipetting results at very low volumes.

Variable Dispense. Aspirate once and dispense multiple differing volumes. Variable Dispense mode eliminates the need to adjust volumes between each dispense. (video)


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