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Touch Screen Rapid Reagent Dispenser


Product description

The VIAFILL Reagent Dispenser offers the usual reagent dispensing functionality.

Thanks to its dispensing cassettes, VIAFILL is unique and versatile tool for laboratories which carry out reagent dispensing frequently.

The addition of a plate stacker increases throughput and allows for unattended operation.

VIAFILL is the first reagent dispenser which includes a color touch screen user interface and was designed to enable intuitive navigation of the instrument.

Features and benefits:

  • Rapid bulk reagent dispensing
  • Color touch screen user interface reduces learning curve.
  • Plate stacking option allows for walk away capability.

Technical Specifications

Volume range0.5 µl to 9999 µl
Operations conditions 5° to 35 °C, <80 % humidity
Compatible Formats6,12, 24, 48, 96, 384 y 1536 multiwell plates
Dimensions (W x D x H)37.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 24.0 cm
Weight10.66 kg
Bore Size Of Plastic Tubing SetsSmall: 0.3 mm, Large: 0.5 mm
Dispense Timing18 Seconds (100μL to 96 microwell plate)
SterilizationAutoclavable Tubing Sets
User InterfaceTouch Screen


Dispensing Cassettes
8 channelsSmall bore (.012"), 0.5 - 999μL, pre-sterilized, 5 pack5722
8 channelsStandard bore (.018"), 5.0 - 9,999μL, pre-sterilized, 5 pack5724
16 channelsSmall bore (.012"), 0.5 - 999μL, pre-sterilized, 5 pack5742
Plate Stacker
Plate StackerBase Unit5910
Stacker Chimney25 plate capacity5915
Stacker Chimney50 plate capacity5916


– Fast reagent dispensing

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The system is very easy to use because is not necessary to use any computer, the internal touch display allows 100% of functionality including Plate Stacker Control. The system is high precision and accuracy including using the high speed option. VIAFILL has a special kind of cassettes with 16 tip manifolds, this consumable allows the system to dispense on 384 and 1536 well plates at double the speed of other systems. Another important new feature of this system is when you work with 384 or 1536 well plates, is the option of modifying the dispense Z-height in each plate column, this allows performance of all the dispensing steps with the tips in the well avoiding cross contamination between wells due to flow deviations. The stacker system is very simple to use and configure for different plates, from low profile to high deep well plates, simply adjusting the total height of the required plate with a small button in the front site of the plate stacker. The after sales care support from INTEGRA BIOSCIENCES Technical Service is excellent, using web portal or directly contacting INTEGRA engineers using phone or email. Speaking about money, the total price of VIAFILL system including Plate Stacker is significantly lower than the market competence, and the large live and cheep price of the consumable (dispensing cassettes), makes re-calibration unnecessary.

Juan Bautista

Eyown Technologies S.L