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Blot Scanner design to get film-quality chemiluminescent Westerns at a truly affordable price.

  • No needs for Darkroom and expenses associated to Film
  • Fast and accurate digital image acquisition
  • Space saving

Product description

– Do More with Direct Digital Capture

After a single scan, your C-DiGit image file is a complete picture of all the data for each Western blot. Unlike film, there’s no need for multiple exposures to view strong bands and faint bands, or to make sure you’ve captured all the information you might need in the future. Skip the darkroom with direct digital capture, and get your results immediately – ready for analysis and publication.

– One C-DiGit scan represents the full range of ECL data for that blot. Choose the best display for further analysis, based on your protein of interest. Changing the display never alters your raw data or signal intensities.

– See More with Accurate Detection

C-DiGit signals are proportional to light response, contributing to a wide linear dynamic range. Conversely, the response of film to light is governed by the reciprocity law: film response is supposed to be proportional to light intensity and duration of exposure.

– Discover More with Advanced Optics

The advanced optical design of the C-DiGit combines the advantages of film and CCD imaging. Like film, the C-DiGit has a short working distance for efficient signal capture, and it also has an immediate digital output (similar to CCD imagers).


Technical Specifications

Image Area10.0 cm x 8.5 cm
Resolution196 µm x 196 µm
Operating Conditions:15-50ºC
Detector TypeLow-noise CCD
Acquisition TimesStandard 6min aprox
High 12 min aprox
Image Generation and FormatTIFF. 16bit
Power Requirements12VDC 100-240VAC 1A 50-50Hz
Software SpecificationsWin7, Win8 or Win8.1 4GB RAM
OS X 10.) or 10.10 4GB RAM
Dimensions27.94 cm L x 22.23 W x 7.3 H
(11" L x 8.75" W x 2.875" H)
Weight2.18 kg (4.8 lbs.)


  • WesternSure Pen
  • Western Incubation Boxes


  • Western Blot. Quemiluminiscence detection.

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