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JuLI Br™

Smart bright-cell movie analyzer developed to enable variety of biological experiments for live cell imaging.

  • Capturing time-lapse images & making a movie
  • Automated quantitative cell confluence analysis
  • Real-time growth curve
  • Semi auto-focusing using LCD interface
  • Able to work inside an incubator

Product description

Juli Br is an affordable and easy to use bright field team to study the cycle of cell culture. You can monitor up of two different samples.

JuLIBr can operate within the incubator enough time to monitor the cell culture.

Technical Specifications

Dimensiones/ peso (Scope):300x190x188mm/4.0Kg
Dimensiones/peso (Station):282x285x160/3.2Kg
MagnificationObjective 4x and digital zoom
Image resolution2560 x 1920 pixels (5M)
Exported formatsJPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG(Image), AVI(Video), CSV(Raw data)
Display10.1” LCD touch screen
Light sourceWhite LED
Storage320GB hard disk drive, 4GB memory stick(USB)


  • Cell confluence analysis
  • Cell migration assay
  • Real time cell growth curve
  • Cell viability and cell counting

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