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Arthur: Novel fluorescence cell counter with 3-channel (bright field, green fluorescence and red fluorescence).

  • Cell counting and viability
  • GFP/RFP expression
  • Annexin V apoptosis analysis
  • Cell cycle assay

Product description

3-channel (bright field, green fluorescence, red fluorescence) desktop image analyzer that allows users to perform assays for cells in suspension, including GFP and RFP expression, apoptosis, cell viability, cell cycle, and cell counting assays. It is compatible with a wide variety of eukaryotic cells. Depending on complexity of the assay and number of field captured, it takes 10 seconds to 2 minutes that Arthur counts for a typical assay with only 25ul of sample volume.


Especificaciones Técnicas

Counting time10sec-2min
Cell measurement range1x105-1x107 cells/ml
Cell size range5-60um
Sample volume25ul
Optics3 channels (bright field, green fluorescence, red fluorescence)
ExcitationGreen channel: 458±20nm
Red channel LED: 530±20nm
FiltersGreen channel: 466/40 EX, 495 LP DI, 525/50 EM
Red channel: 543/22 EX, 580LP Di, 585 LP EM
Camera1.3 Mega pixel, 4x objective
4x or16x digital zoom
USB drive4GB
Operating power100-240V, 2.5 A, 120W
Frecuency50/60 Hz
Dimension290nm (W)x440mm(D)x290mm(H)
Weigth8.7Kg (19.4lbs)
Operating environment5-40oC, 20-95%


  • Arthur cell analyses slide
  • Arthur calibration beads


  • Cell counting and viability
  • GFP and RFP expression
  • Annexin V apoptosis analysis
  • Cell cycle analysis

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