LabSpec 4 Meat Analyzer

Meat Industry NIR Analyzer

The LapSpec 4 Meat Analyzer is a portable and adaptable VIS-NIR spectrophotometer for real time analysis during any stage of meat processing.
The analytical solution for:

  • Slaughterhouses
  • Cutting Plants
  • Process
  • Labs

Product description

Spectral Range:

The LabSpec 4 Meat Analyzer provides a wide spectral range (350nm-2500nm), 100ms high speed analysis, 1 nm spectral resolution, and excellent signal-noise ratio. This provides sample analysis, with high spectral precision, in a shorter amount of time.

A ruggedized and portable package:

Optimized for measurement of a wide variety of applications through different accessories:

  • Alimentary Probe:ruggedized for slaughterhouse and cutting plants.
  • Sample Turn Table for process and laboratory.

Model transferability:

Allows the transferability of calibration accuracy from instrument to instrument.


  • Fatty acids, total fat matter, protein, PH, color, aging, lost collagen.
  • Breed classification by carcass.
  • Sensory analysis and quality constituents.
  • Check expiration date.


Successfully implemented in facilities in France and Spain in applications ranging from pig, sheep, beef and poultry carcasses, as well as, in cutting rooms and processed food labs.


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Technical Specifications

Wavelength Range350-2500 nm
Spectral Resolution3 nm @ 700 nm
10 nm @ 1400 &2100 nm
Sampling intervals1.4 nm @ 350 - 1000 nm
2 nm @ 1000 - 2500 nm
DetectorsOne 512 element Si photodiode array
350 - 1000 nm

Two separate, TE cooled, graded index InGaAs photodiodes
1000 - 2500 nm
Signal-to-noise ratio 9,000:1 @ 700 nm 9,000:1 @ 1400 nm
4,000:1 @ 2100 nm
Noise signal @ μAU (RMS)48 µAu range 350 - 1000 nm
48 µAu range 1000 - 1800 nm
110 µAu range 1800 - 2500 nm
Wavelength reproducibility0.1 nm
Wavelength accuracy0.5 nm
Stray Light< 0.02% VNIR 350 - 1000 nm
< 0.01% NIR 1000 - 2500 nm
CommunicationsWi-Fi or ethernet
Scanning time100 milliseconds
Operating temperature0º - 45 ºC
Dimensions12.7 x 36.8 x 29.2 cm
WeightAprox. 7 kg, battery included
Certification and approvalsCE ; EU directive ; NIST Traceable calibration ; USP1119
Software Indico® Pro, included ; compatible with GRAMS® and The Unscrambler® by Camo Software


Alimentary Probe:
Ruggedized for slaughterhouse and cutting plants.

Sample Turntable:
For process and laboratory.


Meat Industry:

  1. Fatty acids, total fat matter, protein, PH, color, aging, lost collagen.
  2. Breed classification by carcass.
  3. Sensory analysis and quality constituents.
  4. Check expiration date.

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