FireflEYE 496 blue

  • Hyperspectral UV-NIR Camera
  • Wavelength range: 370-870nm, 125 bands
  • Spectral resolution: 10nm@532nm, sampling 4nm
  • Spatial resolution: 1600×1600 px panchromatic / 70×70 px spectral (4900 spectra per cube)
  • Weight 1.2kg, power consumption 8W@12


Product description

Advanced FireflEYE Design

The 496 blue is the consequent further development of our hyperspectral FireflEYE technology.

It doubles the spatial resolution: the size of both the panchromatic and the spectral sensor grew to 4 Megapixel, enabling the camera to record an image taking 4,900 spectra simultaneously.

Special Features

To enable time-saving analyses, a complete Hyperspectral Index Library for agricultural applications is fully integrated.

Furthermore, an Image Classification engine based on machine learning is also available. This easy-to-use software add-on allows online classification directly in the live data stream.

What you should know

The spectral range of the S496 blue is shifted towards smaller wavelengths covering 370-870 nm, enabling analyses in the UVA and very short blue light.

In lab use the FireflEYE can b