C-7100 Spectrometer

Versatile single-beam UV-Vis with Tungsten Halogen/Deuterium lamp and 7” TFT Screen.

  • Wavelength range 190 – 1100 nm.
  • Advanced Hardware with 32bit Cortex_M3 processor at 120 MHz clock speed.
  • Storage capacty of 5000 data files and 500 curves.

Product description

Versatile single-beam UV-Vis with Tungsten Halogen/Deuterium lamp and 7” TFT Screen. Steady, modern and elegant appearance design. The C-7100 has Long-life socket type tungsten-halogen and deuterium lamps which can work up to 2000 hours, can switch the lamps according to test needs.

  • CStrong extended capability: Standard 8GB memory can store huge test data and equipped with RS232, HOST USB port and standard USB interface.
  • High-efficiency holographic grating of 1200 lines/mm and ultra-low stray light.
  • Excellent silicon photodiode can guarantee the equipment is highly sensitive and stable.
  • Huge sample chamber and various accessories can meet all kinds of needs.
  • Advanced hardware and 32-bit Cortex_M3 processor with the clock speed 120MHz. The equipment can store 5000 pieces of data and 500 curves.


Technical Specifications

Standard accessories Lamp, Cuvette holder,4pcs of 10mm Glass cuvettes, 2pcs of 10mm Quartz cuvettes
Screen7-inch TFT screen
Wavelength Range190 - 1100nm
Slit Width1nm
Wavelength Accuracy±0.3nm
Photometric Accuracy0.2%T (0-100%T), ±0.002A(0-0.5A), ±0.004A(0.5-1A)
Photometric Repeatability≤0.15%T (0-100%T), 0.001A(0-0.5A), 0.002A(0.5-1A)
Stray Light ≤0.05%T@220nm,360nm≤0.03%T@220nm,360nm
Baseline Flatness±0.0015A (200-1000nm)
Noise±0.0003A @ 500nm
Working ModeT,A,C,E
Wavelength SettingAutomatic
Photometric Range0-200%T, -0.3 – 3.0 A
DetectorSolid Silicon Photodiode
Processor32-bit Cortex_M3, 120 MHz
KeypadSilicone buttons
Data PortUSB, RS 232 Serial
Light SourceTungsten Halogen/Deuterium Lamp
Power requirementsAC110-220V 50-60Hz
Humidity RangeLess than 85%
Shipping Dimensions and Weight770*630*340mm, 27kg


  • Carrusel Automático: carrusel de 5 posiciones de cubeta con paso óptico mayor.
  • Autosampler
  • Integrating Sphere Accessory: diseñado para utilizar con muestras sólidas opacas / translúcidas que producen una alta difusión de la luz.

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