Western blot is a widespread analytical technique used to detect specific protein in a biological sample. Recently, the Science Park of Barcelona (PCB) has acquired two Odyssey Fc systems which will help scientist improve the results.

María del Mar García, associate research in Joan J. Guinovart´s lab, comments:  “Thanks to Odyssey Fc, our scientific results will be stronger and more reliable”

Odyssey Fc makes the detection phase quicker, easier and more reproducible. This system combines two detection methods: chemiluminescence and near infrared fluorescence.

Mar says: “The main problem when analyzing western blot is quantification. With Odyssey, we won´t have the problem of saturation that films have and that sometimes means our calculations are not entirely reliable”

Goretti Mallorquí, IRB Barcelona´s Coordinator, is also satisfied with the new acquisition: “The PCB bought the best machine on the market. We are very happy that our researches now have the right tools to do the best science”

The new equipment is housed in the Spectroscopy Rooms in the Cluster I Building, and in the Helix Building, and is avaible to all users of the Common Services (SCC-PCB)

Source: IRB Barcelona