Bonsai Advanced Technologies collaborates with Bonsai Aid which main goal is to promote and finance projects in deprived areas of Africa for encouraging the development through access to clean drinking water.

From Bonsai we do get the great news that, the construction of the dam in Turkana, Kenya, has been successfully completed!

Turkana is a county in Kenya which main obstacle for development is drought, since it only rains two seasons a year and even less. Because of this, there is a high death rate of livestock and therefore famine and serious health problems. Furthermore, it affects to Education and generates more inequality and marginalization of women, responsible of water in the family.

Bonsai has carried out the construction of a stone dam that can collect water in the rainy season. This dam, directly benefits about 35 families which now enjoy an easy access to water for consumption, hygiene and animals. In addition, families who worked on the construction of the dam received literacy classes and were paid, promoting the schooling of children or starting small businesses.

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