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  • Microvolume spectrophotometer with compact design, easy-to-use for RNA, DNA and protein quantification.
    • Minimum Volume: 1ul (range 190-840 nm)
    • Stand-Alone (no PC required)
    • Maintenance and calibration free
    • WiFi, Ethernet and USB connectivity
  • Fluorimeter with 4 fluorescence channels. A powerful solution for most of fluorometric applications.
    • Four channel fluorescence
    • EasyApps with assay choices
    • Android with HD Touchscreen
    • Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB.
  • Fast, accurate, compact qPCR cycler using magnetic induction technology.
    • High level of quantitative precision
    • Wide linear dynamic range
    • High repetability
    • Fast cycling
  • DS-C Spectrophotometer with compact design to quantifier nucleic acids and proteins using cuvette.
    • Android™ with Intuitive EasyApps®.
    • Outstanding Sensitivity and Flexibility.
    • Powerful, versatile data handling.
    • Optional Fluorescence module.
  • Spectrophotometer/Fluorimeter in one compact, maintenance-free instrument.
    • 1uL for UV-Vis and tube for fluorescence
    • Broadest dynamic range 0.5 pg/µL to 37,500 ng/µL
    • Stand-Alone (no PC required)
    • Maintenance and calibration free