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SETSYS Evolution

  • Wide temperature range: ambient to 2400 ° C, depending on version.
  • Dilatometer / Thermomechanical Analyzer TMA.
  • High sensitivity, due to the vertical design of the transducer.
  • Experiments under several types of atmospheres: inerts, air, humidity, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres.

Product description

SETSYS Evolution is the standard for high performance TG, TG-DSC and TG-DTA application.  It is based on a complete modular thermal analysis platform for:

  • TGA, DTA and DSC
  • Simultaneous TGA/DTA and TGA/DSC
  • Dilatometry/TMA

The key to the SETSYS TMA is the vertical design of its displacement transducer.

TMA displacement transducer

The key to the SETSYS TMA is its vertical design. The TMA probe is held by the electronic suspension so that:

  • virtually no force is applied at high temperature
  • there is no bending of the probe at high temperature
  • for volumetric measurement on powders, sample can easily be put in the container.

In such a configuration the SETSYS TMA can detect very small dimensional changes  and there is no need of long sample for accurate measurements.

Electronics & software:

SETSYS Evolution comes equipped with Calisto

Technical Specifications

Setsys EvolutionDTADSCTGA balance 35g / 100g
Temperature range of the module (C°)ambient to 2400ambient to 1600ambient to 2400ambient to 2400
Crucible volume (μl)30/10080/10050/3000n/a
Max. size of the sample (mm)n/an/aL:20 Ø 14L:20 Ø 10
Resolution0.4 μW1 μW0.002 μg / 0.02 μg0.2 nm
Noise RMS20 μW20 μW0.03 μg / 0.3 μg 5 nm
Specific noise RMS0.20 μW/μl0.20 μW/μl0.02 μg / 0.2 μg/ml
Measuring rangen/an/a±200 mg / ±2 g
±2 mm


For measuring variations in size of solids or powders, the SETSYS TMA is used for characterizing polymers and compounds (softening, glass transition, degradation, reticulation) under varied stresses, for studying films and fibers, for sintering ceramics, for studying the thermal behavior of alloys and more generally for measuring coefficients of expansion.

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