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Sedigraph III Plus

Accurate particle size by sedimentation technique

Product description

This analyzer combines the proven SediGraph analytical technique with advanced instrumentation features to provide superior repeatability, accuracy, and reproducibility.


The SediGraph III directly measures mass by x-ray absorption

and determines particle size by direct measurement of settling velocity. Direct measurements require no modeling.

Technical Specifications

  • Particle size range of 0.1 to 300 µm and assures that all of the introduced sample is accounted for, including any fraction above 300 µm and below 0.1 µm.
  • Capability to merge data with that from other particle sizing methods, thus extending the range of reported data to 125,000 µm (125 mm)- excellent for
    Geological applications.
  • 50 mL of dispersed sample – precise concentration is not required.
  • Wetted materials integrated, the Sedigraph is compatible with any suspending liquid: water, glycols, mineral oils, and alcohols.
  • Optional MasterTech 052 Autosampler provides unattended analysis of up to 18 samples.


Geological/Soil Science: Grain Size affects the moisture-holding capacity of soil, drainage rate, and the soil’s ability to hold nutrients. Grain size is directly related to transport of sediment.

Other applications:

  • Ceramics.
  • Metallic powders
  • Construction Materials
  • Abrasives.


  • SedisperseSediSperse are dispersing liquids specifically designed to maximize particle suspension and eliminate agglomeration of particles.SediSperse liquids are available in nine variations of aqueous and organic formulations and are effective in dispersing most materials.
  • MasterTech 052 Automatic Sample Feeder
    The MasterTech Autosampler provides assurance that all samples are prepared and analyzed exactly the same way. The MasterTech is designed to increase throughput, repeatability, and reproducibility while reducing operator involvement. Up to 18 samples can be queued to run sequentially and completely unattended, including automatic stirring or sonication prior to transfer to the analysis system.

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