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Saturn DigiSizer II

High Definition Particle Size

Product description

This state-of-the-art laser particle size analyzer utilizes advanced optics, CCD technology, and over three million detector elements to maximize the ability to deliver high sensitivity and a high-resolution measurement of articulations in the scattering pattern. This allows a high degree of size discrimination in the sample population.

Higher size resolution reveals information about the material that goes undetected with other laser particle sizing systems, providing more accurate results in even the most complex sample type.

Technical Specifications

  • CCD technology with high angular resolution of up to 70 degrees provides accurate results within the range of
    40 nanometers to 2.5 millimeters.
  • Fast, detailed results that are repeatable on and reproducible between every Saturn DigiSizer.

    • Liquid sample handling unit for automatic sampling, diluting, and dispersion. Available in both standard
      and low volume configurations.
    • Optional MasterTech 052 Autosampler provides unattended analysis of up to 18 samples.


  • Pharmaceuticals – Particle size plays a major role in the ability to process, blend, tablet, and package a drug substance. The useful shelf life and dissolution rate depend upon the particle size of the material.

    Application Note: Expanding the Material Characterization “Toolbox” for Excipient and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Vendor Qualification

Other application:

  • Ceramics.
  • Painting and coating.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Abrasives
  • Mining


  • Standard Liquid Sample Handling Unit
    Includes a reservoir adjustable between 590 to 690 mL of dispersed sample with a circulation pump rate of 5 – 19 L per minute. It can circulate particles from 0.04 to 2500 µm.

    • Coarse particles
    • High-density particles
    • Quantity of sample, liquid supply and/or waste disposal is not a problem.
    >Low-Volume Liquid Sample Handling Unit
    Includes a reservoir adjustable between 100 to 120 mL of dispersed sample with a circulation pump rate of 2 – 12 L per minute. It can circulate particles from 0.04 to 750 µm.

    • Sample quantity is limited
    • Supply of dispersion liquid is limited and/or expensive
    • Dispersion liquid may be hazardous to use and/or make disposal difficult
  • MasterTech 052 Automatic Sample Feeder
    The MasterTech Autosampler provides assurance that all samples are prepared and analyzed exactly the same way. The MasterTech is designed to increase throughput, repeatability, and reproducibility while reducing operator involvement. Up to 18 samples can be queued to run sequentially and completely unattended, including automatic stirring or sonication prior to transfer to the analysis system.
  • AquaPrep II Water preparation System

    Micromeritics’ AquaPrep avoids forming minute bubbles in the dispersion by recirculating water through a hydrophobic capsule consisting of many thin-walled capillaries. A vacuum pump provides low pressure on the outside of the capillaries. The result is a diffusion of dissolved air from the water through the capillary walls and removal through the vacuum pump.

    The AquaPrep can prepare 10 liters of water in less than 2 hours (at standard temperature and pressure) and ensures that you obtain the most accurate representation possible of the particle size distribution in your sample.

  • Particle Insight Shape Module

    The particle insight shape module is an easy to add accessory that can be used with Saturn Digisizer.

    The shape and size analyzers coupling facilitate in-depth observation of non-spherical particles as well as agglomeration and dissolution processes.

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