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qNano Gold

Accurate and fast characterization of nano-particle size, charge and concentration

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Product description

The qNano Gold measures bio-nano particles using the Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing (TRPS) principle in electrolyte solutions.

The qNano Gold is extremely fast and accurate. It measures individual particles with the highest repeatability available for size, concentration and surface charge.




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Technical Specifications

  • Real size distribution of particle within range 40nm to 10 um.
  • Particle by particle measurement providing superior data of surface charge and concentration, even in specified size bands.
  • Calibrated method ensuring verifiability, repeatability, reproducibility and objective accuracy.
  • SAdvanced software for data acquisition and analysis including friendly interface, real-time feedback and extensive report options.
  • Optimized features for studing population, isolation, aggregation, and labeled biological and pharma particles.


  • qNano Gold’s capabilities far outweigh its small size. Hundreds of research groups throughout the world are discovering new things in a range of research areas including:
    • Extracellular vesicles
    • Nano and micro bubbles
    • Drug delivery particle
    • Viruses and vaccines
    • Biodiagnostics


  • qEV Size Exclusion Columns for EV Separation and Purification

qEV size exclusion columns contain a resin with an approximately 75 nm pore size. Proteins and other contaminating molecules smaller than EVs enter the pores of the resin and are delayed in their passage through the column, eluting in later fractions.

  • Short separation time, typically 15 minutes
  • Non-destructive, maintaining the integrity and biological function of the sample
  • Protocols yielding highly enriched EVs through the removal of :
    • Background proteins
    • Background lipids and other solutes from the sample
    • Cell debris and other particulates
  • High capture efficiency of the target EVs, greater than 50%
  • Increases sensitivity and accuracy of analysis and measurement.

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