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When Particle shapes really matters as much as size

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Particle shape information about raw materials enables manufacturers to control their process with a much higher level of sensitivity.

The Particle Insight is a dynamic image analyzer which is ideal for applications where the particle shape, not just the diameter, is critical raw material information.

Technical Specifications

Three size range model options - 1 to 150 µm, 3 to 300 µm, and 10 to 800 µm
Real time data display with a unique optics camera with high frame rate and resolution for enabling analysis of tens of thousands of particles in seconds
Obtain unprecedented results - Offers 30 Size / Shape parameters, plus the ability to correlate multiple shape measurements
Recirculating sample module and optics enable statistically valid measurements in a very short amount of time
Standard system is compatible with both aqueous as well as organic fluids
Thumbnail images of all analyzed particles for post run viewing and shape filtering with customizable particle type views


  • Laser or ELS size analyzer

The shape and size analyzers coupling facilitate in-depth observation of non-spherical particles as well as agglomeration and dissolution processes.


  • Fiber particles are used in a vast array of applications ranging from adding strength to building materials.

Particle analysis results expressed in equivalent sphericaldiameter do not give the user critical information needed to determine how fibers will perform in a final product.

The Particle Insight can be used to calculate the fiber length and width along with the aspect ratio. Fiber curl (the degree of fiber curvature) can also be calculated. These measurements can be very useful in determining how fibers will interact with each other in a production process.

  • Pharmaceuticals – Particle shape can help in identifying and quantifying the different sub-components in a final product based on their differences in shape. Measuring particle smoothness over time can also enable the measurement of dissolution rate.

Other applications:

  • Toner
  • Abrasives
  • Protein Therapeutics
  • Oil Contamination Monitoring

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