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Nanoplus HD

High Definition Zeta Potential and Particle Size Analyzer

A unique DLS and ELS system for:

  • Enhanced zeta potential accuracy through full cell, multi-point correction scans.
  • Eliminates electro osmosis error influence.
  • Higher sensitivity for increased raw data quality for improved accuracy in results
  • Increased flexibility with protein and biological samples through a broad range of temperature controls to maintain sample integrity

Product description

The NanoPlus HD is a unique instrument that utilizes photon correlation spectroscopy and electrophoretic light scattering techniques to determine particle size, zeta potential, and molecular weight.

The instrument is compact and easy to use with an extended analysis range, intuitive software, and multiple sample cells to fit the user’s application.

Technical Specifications

  • High definition analysis with 70mW of laser power finds small volume aggregates in mixtures.
  • True zeta potential with multi-point measurement scans for isoelectric point, formulation constancy and uniformity in colloidal systems.
  • Avalanche Photodiode Detection (APD) permits high sensitivity detection of even small volume, diluted samples.
  • Easy generation of customized 3D plots to track changes,
    compare lots or see pH affects.
  • Broad range of temperature controls secures sample integrity with protein and biological samples, keep sample bioactivity intact.
  • Intelligent SOP (standard operating procedure) Designer including preloaded liquid dispersion properties for any set of temperature and concentration.


  • Preparation, control, and destruction of colloidal dispersions such as Water purification, Fining of wines and beers as well as Breaking oil emulsions.
  • Nanobiomatterials processes: Acquire size and/or molecular weight vs temperature gradient plots so as to find denaturation or deaggregation point.
  • Surface charge in solids: Using solid sample cell, surface charge of solid samples can be evaluated such as fiber/textiles, thin films, membranes and filters, polymeric coatings and semiconductors.


  • Nanoplus Auto-Titrator ATThe NanoPlus AT is used to titrate sample suspensions in a pH range from 1 to 13. The instrument automatically controls the pH of these suspensions and conducts titrations during both zeta potential or nano particle size analysis measurements.

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