Gemini VII 2390

Rapid, Robust, accurate and reliable analyzer

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Micromeritics’ Gemini VII 2390 Series of surface area analyzers rapidly and reliably produces accurate and repeatable surface area and porosity results. Their low cost, speed, simplicity of use, reliability, and ruggedness have earned the Gemini a place in laboratories worldwide as an essential tool in research and quality control environments.

Technical Specifications

  • The patented twin-tube design negates free-space errors introduced by thermal gradient variations or by initial mis-measurement of free space.
  • The Windows version includes easy-to-follow installation videos and system verification tests to ensure optimum performance and reliability. How-to videos provide on-screen instruction on instrument operation.
  • The unique stainless steel analysis manifold is corrosive resistant and designed for highly-accurate gas management.
  • Permits low surface area measurements without requiring krypton by essentially eliminating free-space error, the limiting factor in typical static volumetric systems.
  • Three choices of software control: embedded software with a keypad enabling the Gemini VII to be operated without an external PC, Windows XP or Vista operating system, or the Gemini VII confirm™ 21 CFR Part 11 option.


  • Pharmaceuticals – Surface area and porosity play major roles in the purification, processing, blending, tableting, and packaging of pharmaceutical products as well as their useful shelf life, dissolution rate, and bio-availability.
  • Ceramics – Surface area and porosity affect the curing and bonding of greenware and influence strength, texture, appearance, and density of finished goods. The surface area of glazes and glass frits affects shrinkage, crazing, and crawling.
  • Adsorbents – Knowledge of surface area, total pore volume, and pore size distribution is important for quality control of industrial adsorbents and in the development of separation processes. Surface area and porosity characteristics affect the selectivity of an adsorbent.
  • Activated Carbons – Surface area and porosity must be optimized within narrow ranges to accomplish gasoline vapor recovery in automobiles, solvent recovery in painting operations, or pollution controls in wastewater management.

Other applications

  • Adhesives, Alloys, Abrasives, Clays , Carbon Black, Catalysts, Cosmetics, Cements, Paints and Coatings, Projectile Propellants, Medical Implants, Aerogels and Fuel Cells.


Three Gemini Model Options:

  • Gemini VII 2390a
    Ideal for rapid and accurate surface area determinations by single-point and multipoint BET and Langmuir methods. In addition, provides standard methods for total pore volume, micropore analysis by the t-method, and much more.
  • Gemini VII 2390p
    Provides additional precision with the addition of a saturation pressure (P0) tube that allows the system to monitor the saturation pressure of the adsorptive on a continuous basis during an analysis. This design feature permits a rapid measurement of the adsorption isotherm to near-saturation, as well as determination of pore size distribution.
  • Gemini VII 2390t
    Has all the ability of the 2390p, including a P0 tube, with the addition of a larger Dewar and longer sample tubes for extended analyses. This provides the additional capability to measure the total adsorption-desorption process. With this data set, one can perform a BJH or Dollimore-Heal pore size distribution using up to 1000 data points.
  • Sample Preparation SystemsMicromeritics’ sample preparation devices prepare batches of samples for surface area and pore volume analysis. They combine flowing gas and/or vacuum with heat to remove atmospheric contaminants, such as water vapor and adsorbed gas, from the surface and pores of the sample. The quality of the data produced by surface area and pore volume analyses depends greatly on the cleanliness of the sample surface. All Micromeritics’ sample preparation devices accept helium, nitrogen, argon, and other non-corrosive gases Chiller Dewar.

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