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Odyssey® Fc

Near-Infrared Fluorescence and Chemiluminiscence Imaging System for Western Blot.

  • Dual mode of detection: chemiluminiscence and NIR-Fluorescence
  • Wide, linear dynamic range
  • High sensitivity
  • Versatile instrument

Product description

A dual-mode chemiluminiscent and infrared imaging system. Get clearer answers with accurate, reproducible Western blots and DNA gels

Multiple Channels:

Streamline your ECL protocol, or perform two-color multiplex detection using near-infrared fluorescence. Either way, you get clear images with low background.

Document your agarose and PAGE gels stained with Ethidium Bromide, SYBR® Safe, SYBR® Green I, and many other popular DNA stains. Disposable imaging trays prevent contamination, for more confidence in the quality of your results – without the need for harmful UV light.

With a patented optical design:

Capture uniform images with the FieldBrite™ XT2 optical system with low-background images every time. Get the accurate image you need without the artificial image enhancements other imagers perform.

See More without Changing Settings or Sacrificing Data Integrity:

Quick imaging and analysis with Image Studio Software. This simple, intuitive interface puts high-quality data at your fingertips with a few simple clicks. No more manual camera adjustments or multiple exposures. Image Studio can save your settings, so you can just click once to capture an image the next time you start the software.



Technical Specifications

Dimensions41.4 cm W x 47 cm D x 67.3 cm H (16.3" W x 18.5" D x 26.5" H). Depth with imaging drawer open is 59.7 cm (23.5")
Weight27 kg (60 lb)
Power RequirementsInput 100-127 VAC (4 Amp) - 200-240 VAC (2 Amp); 50-60 Hz
Image Field Size10 cm x 12 cm
CCD Pixel Size6.45 microns
Dynamic Range22 bit (>6 logs)
Depth of Field for Best Sample Focus6 mm
Patented FieldBrite™ XT2 TechnologyCV <3% across field
Laser Lifetime20,000 hours of operation
700 Channel Laser SourceSolid-state Laser Diode at 685 nm
800 Channel Laser SourceSolid-state Laser Diode at 785 nm
Light Source600 nm diffused light source
DetectorsLow-noise CCD. Thermoelectrically cooled
Acquisition TimesFluorescence (700 and 800 nm) channels: 30 s, 2 min, 10 min
Chemiluminescence channel: 30 s, 2 min, 10 min, 60 min
Operating Conditions15-35 °C


  • MPX™ (Multiplex) Blotting System. Ideal for any multiple-target Western blot application, the MPX increases throughput, maximizes efficiency and reduces relative overall cost.
  • Protein Gel Combs. Designed and optimized for use with polyacrylamide protein gels. Combs come in four configurations for analysis of one, two, three, or four samples. Each comb includes one marker lane for easy identification.
  • Western Incubation Boxes. Western Blot Incubation boxes are ideal for incubating Western blots.
  • Odyssey Pens. The Odyssey Pen is suitable for writing on membranes to be scanned on any of the Odyssey Imagers or on Aerius Infrared Imaging Systems. Whereas inks from other pens will autofluoresce in the 700 nm channel potentially adding to background or interfering artifacts on your image, the Odyssey Pen does not.
  • Odyssey Fc Imaging Trays. Imaging trays for use with the Odyssey Fc Dual-Mode Imaging System.


  • Near-Infrarred Fluorescent. Measure protein expression with accurate, reproducible quantitative western blot detection.
  • Chemiluminescent (ECL) Western Blot. Streamline your ECL protocol with immediate digital detection and get clear images with low background.
  • Protein gel Documentation. Visualize proteins on gels stained with Coomassie and other popular stains.
  • Nucleic Acid Documentation. Image nucleic acids in agarose and PAGE gels stained with Ethidium Bromide, SYBR®Safe, SYBR®Green I, and many other popular DNA stains.
  • Protein Array. Use chemiluminescence to detect protein arrays.
  • RNAi Analysis. Monitor protein knockdown effects in cell lysates.

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