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Odyssey® CLx

Unique Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging System. Is the standard for quantitative Western Blot.

  • Two color quantitative Western
  • High sensitivity
  • Wide, linear dynamic range
  • Wide range of applications

Product description

Do More with Integrated Imaging and Analysis Software

With a few simple clicks, Image Studio™ software puts high-quality data at your fingertips. No more manual camera adjustments or multiple exposures. Image Studio saves your settings, so you only need to click once to capture an image next time. And it’s compatible with both Mac® and Windows® computers.

Ready to see what you discovered? Streamline your analysis with easy-to-use image view tools and convenient data analysis.

Do more with versatile image analysis tools

Image Studio’s acquisition, analysis, and formatting tools are presented in a simple ribbon interface. Use the Western Blot Analysis ribbon to quickly place lanes and band markers, quantify bands, and normalize your results. Additional ribbon tools streamline the analysis of microplate assays (including In-Cell Western™ cell-based assays), place grids for array analysis, and even analyze small-animal imaging data.

Use AutoScan to see all of your data the first time, every time

Get a great image every time, without choosing or adjusting any imager settings. Image Studio’s AutoScan function provides the widest possible dynamic range in every image, while minimizing or eliminating image saturation. You see all of your data the first time you scan, without sacrificing sensitivity or detection of fainter bands.

Use AutoScan with your Odyssey CLx Imager to capture images with exactly the same settings every time, for the most consistent and reproducible results. Even new or occasional users can easily acquire high-quality images on the first try.

Discover more with a laser-based imager

The quality of excitation light also affects image quality and your ability to detect subtle changes. The Odyssey CLx Imager uses powerful, precise lasers for the most effective excitation of near-infrared (NIR) fluorescent dyes.

Other imagers use LEDs or diffuse white light sources that provide weak, non-specific excitation light and limit sensitivity. These inefficient light sources limit image quality and performance.

LI-COR’s laser-based imaging systems provide high performance at optimal NIR wavelengths. The Odyssey CLx Imager’s 700 nm and 800 nm fluorescence channels outperform other NIR fluorescence imagers, giving you the best sensitivity, image quality, and signal-to-noise ratios.



Technical Specifications

Image Field Size25 cm × 25 cm
Dynamic Range4 logs (Manual); >6 logs (Auto)
Laser Lifetime40,000 hours typical
700 Channel Laser SourceSolid-state diode laser at 685 nm
800 Channel Laser SourceSolid-state diode laser at 785 nm
DetectorsSilicon avalanche photodiodes
Scanning Speed5 - 40 cm/s
Resolution21 - 337 µm
Focusing RangeMicroscope is adjustable 0 mm - 4 mm above the scan bed to obtain best signal-to-noise ratio
Operating Conditions15-35 °C and dew point no greater than 20 °C
Power RequirementsUniversal input range is between 100-240 VAC; 4 Amp maximum; 1 Amp typical; 50/60 Hz
Dimensions(instrument only):
37 h × 53 w × 62 d cm (14.5 × 21 × 24.4 inches)
Weight33 kg (72 lbs)


  • MPX™ (Multiplex) Blotting System. Ideal for any multiple-target Western blot application, the MPX increases throughput, maximizes efficiency and reduces relative overall cost.Protein Gel Combs. Designed and optimized for use with polyacrylamide protein gels. Combs come in four configurations for analysis of one, two, three, or four samples. Each comb includes one marker lane for easy identification.
  • Western Incubation Boxes. Western Blot Incubation boxes are ideal for incubating Western blots.
  • Odyssey Pens. The Odyssey Pen is suitable for writing on membranes to be scanned on any of the Odyssey Imagers or on Aerius Infrared Imaging Systems. Whereas inks from other pens will autofluoresce in the 700 nm channel potentially adding to background or interfering artifacts on your image, the Odyssey Pen does not.
  • MousePOD® in vivo Imaging Accessory. The MousePOD® in vivo Imaging Accessory allows you to easily convert your Odyssey® CLx Infrared Imaging System into an in vivo imager. Now, the Odyssey CLx System can be your complete solution for in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo analysis — all on a single, affordable platform.
  • Silicone Mat. These silicone mats are used for flattening membranes against the glass surface on the Odyssey® CLx or Odyssey Classic Infrared Imaging System.
  • 4-Inch Soft Roller. The roller is used to eliminate air bubbles from membranes on the glass surface of the Odyssey Classic or Odyssey CLx Infrared Imaging System.
  • Multiwell-Plate Alignment Guide. The 6 Multiwell-Plate Alignment Guide is suitable for aligning up to 6 multiwell plates on the glass surface of the Odyssey® CLx or Odyssey Classic Infrared Imaging System.


  • Near-Infrarred Fluorescent Western Blot. Measure protein expression with accurate, reproducible quantitative Western blot detection.
  • In-Cell WesternTM (ICW) Assay. Detect target proteins with a cell-based, quantitative immunofluoescent assay in microplate format.
  • Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay (EMSA). Study protein-DNA complexes with EMSA (also called a gel shift assay) without hazardous radioisotopes.
  • Protein Gel Documentation. Visualiza proteins on gels stained with Coomassie and other popular stains.
  • Nucleic Acid Gel Documentation. Estimate band sizes or document excised fragments on nucleic acid gels with near-infrarred fluorescent stains.
  • Tissue Section Imaging. Quantify protein expression, monitor protein localization, and perform macro-level analysis of multiple tissue sections.
  • In-Gel Westerns (IGW). Use antibodies to detect your target of interest directly in the protein gel.
  • RNAi Analysis. Monitor protein knockdown effects in cell lysates and cell-based assays.
  • Small Animal Imaging. Perform in vivo analysis of small animals, including receptor targeting, biodistribution tracking, and transporter targeting.

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