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Spectrofluorimeter DS-11 FX

Spectrophotometer/Fluorimeter in one compact, maintenance-free instrument.

  • 1uL for UV-Vis and tube for fluorescence
  • Broadest dynamic range 0.5 pg/µL to 37,500 ng/µL
  • Stand-Alone (no PC required)
  • Maintenance and calibration free


Product description

DS-11 FX Series of Spectrophotometer / Fluorometers combine UV-Vis absorbance and fluorescence methods in one compact , maintenance-free instrument. Rapidly quantify seven orders of magnitude of nucleic acids and protein samples selecting your choice of UV-Vis or Fluorescent modes.
Unique all-in-one absorbance and fluorescence design: The choice of microvolume or cuvette absorbance and fluorescence methods delivers unmatched flexibility and dynamic range. Coupled with the DeNovix dsDNA quantification assays, a range of 0.5 pg/µL to 37,500 ng/µL can be rapidly measured.

Easy to learn & Fast to use: DS-11 FX Series instruments are powered by intuitive, pre-installed DeNovix EasyApps® and a breakthrough AndroidTM touchscreen interface. Dedicated applications ensure error-free operation and sample to data in under 4 seconds. Every instrument is ready for absorbance and fluorescence measurements right out of the box – no PC set-up or software installation.

Fluorescence Freedom: DeNovix fluorometers give scientists the flexibility to choose any fluorescent assay, not just the assays supplied by one manufacturer. Fluorometer apps are pre-configured for common commercially available assays measured in standard 0.5 mL thin-wall PCR tubes. Four fluorescent channels encompass a wide fluorophore excitation (361-662 nm) and emission (435-740 nm) range.

Calibration and Maintenance free: SmartPath® Technology ensures the DS-11 FX is always accurate and always precise – no performance drift and no service down-time. Our patent pending design controls the pathlength in real-time while compressing the sample during analysis. Be confident in results from 1µL, even for difficult to measure samples like protein, thanks to SmartPath® Technology.

Connect to Your Results. Built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB allows easy export of data you want in the format you need. Email a csv or color jpg of your results…save data to LIMS or network drives…print results or graphs to network and label printers…and more!

FX series Spectrophotometer / Fluorometers are available in four colors and two models:

• DS-11 FX+ (1µL UV-Vis, cuvette UV-Vis + fluorescence)
• DS-11 FX (1µL UV-Vis + fluorescence)

Technical Specifications

Minimum Sample Size0.5 µL
Pathlength0.5 mm (auto ranging to 0.02 mm)
Light SourcePulsed Xenon flash lamp
Detector Type2048 element CCD
Wavelength Range190-840 nm
Wavelength Accuracy0.5 nm
Spectral Resolution1.5 nm (FWHM at Hg 253.7 nm)
Absorbance Precision0.002 AU (0.5 mm path), or 1%, whichever is greater
Absorbance Accuracy1.5% a 0.75 AU at 260 nm
Absorbance Range0.04 – 750 (1 cm equivalent path length)
Detection limit0.10 mg/ml BSA; 2.0 ng/µl dsDNA
Maximum Concentration1125 mg/ml BSA; 37500 ng/µl dsDNA
Lower Sample Surface Material of Construction303 stainless steel and sapphire window
Upper Sample Surface Material of Construction303 stainless steel and quartz fiber
Light SourcesBlue LED (~470 nm), Green LED (~525 nm),
Red LED (~635 nm), UV LED (~375 nm)
Excitation FiltersBlue: 442-497 nm, Green: 490-558 nm,
Red: 613-662 nm, UV: 361-389 nm
Emission FiltersChannel 1: 514-567 nm, Channel 2: 565-650 nm,
Channel 3: 664-740 nm, Channel 4: 435-485 nm
DetectorsPhotodiode, detection range 300-1000 nm
Tube Type0.5 mL Real Time thin-wall PCR tube (polypropylene)
Beam height8.5 mm
Heating37-45 °C +/- 0.5 °C
Pathlength10, 5, 2, 1 mm
Absorbance Range0.002-1.5 AU (1cm camino óptico)
Detection Limit0.1 ng/µl dsDNA
Maximum Concentration75 ng/µl dsDNA (1 cm camino óptico)


  • (Ref. VF-1) LC-NA Verification fluid: Aqueous solution of nicotinic acid. Use to confirm proper operation of your DS-11
  • (Ref. DP-02) Pipette: 0.2 – 2.0 ul. Ergonomic design. Manufacturing validation and control per EN ISO 8655
  • DeNovix Quartz Cuvette: 10mm pathlength. Designed for nucleic acid and protein quantification. Includes protective case.
  • Dymo 4XL USB Printer: DeNovix apps pre-configured for one-touch printing. USB connection. Thermal printing needs no ink or toner
  • Opticon OPI3601 USB Barcode Scaner: Rapidly scans/decodes a wide variety of 1D or 2D barcodes. Customizable trigger modes. Distinct targeting guides. Auto-Trigger features both stand-alone and with stand detection


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