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Smart fluorescence cell movie analyser. The system allows time-lapse movie making, cell counting and measuring the level of fluorescence expression.

  • Time-lapse image capturing and movie making
  • Cell counting and viability
  • GFP or RFP expression level checking
  • Able to work inside an incubator

Product description

The JuLIFL, the fluorescence live cell movie analyzer, enables users to perform the image capturing and the time-lapse movie making. It also can support cell counting and measuring the level of the fluorescence expression.
JuLIFL dispose of color LCD touch screen.
Compare control and experimental sample using dual system (optional)

Technical Specifications

Dimensions/weight Scope Unit: 300x190x188mm, 5,4kg
Station Unit: 282x285x160mm, 3,3kg
Storage320GB Hard drive, 4GB USB drive
PowerAC100-240Va.c,,1.9A, 100W, 50/60Hz
Ligth sourceGFP channel (JULI+FLG04); blue LED
RFP channel (JULI+FLR04); green LED
Optical FilterGFP channel (JULI+FLG04); Ex. 466/40nm, Em. 525/50nm
RFP channel (JULI+FLR04); Ex. 525/50nm, Em. 580LP
Image resolution1280x960 pixels (1,3M)


  • Cell growth monitoring
  • Cell migration assay
  • Cell confluence detection
  • Cell viability and counting
  • Cell culture quality control
  • Proliferation assay
  • Cell-based assay optimization

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