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This workshop will bring together the next generation of top scientists in the development of different types of porous materials (zeolites, metal-organic frameworks, organic-inorganic hybrids, carbons, polymers) with a topical focus on catalysis. In particular, this will cover an exciting program of complementary areas covering advanced strategies for their synthesis, characterization, catalytic evaluation, and atomistic simulation.

Thematic sessions will commence with inspiring lectures from prominent mid-career researchers followed by talks from young researchers. In addition, the workshop will also include an evening poster session and short tutorial talks by world experts in materials characterization from the leading company Micromeritics Instuments. The program targets outstanding PhD students and post-doctoral researchers providing a platform through which to cultivate their development by communicating their research and building a network of future contacts.

With its strong tradition in nurturing high-calibre scientists, including 30 Nobel Laureates, ETH Zurich provides the inspiring environment for catalysing ideas and growth. We look forward to welcoming you for what is sure to be a high-quality yet intimate scientific meeting that fosters interaction between all involved.

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