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PAT (Process Analytical Technology)

PAT (Process Analytical Technology) is a mechanism to design, analyze, and control pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Based in the ASD LabSpec NIR Spectrometer with a specialized probe designed for the Pharmaceutical Industry for determination of chemical and physical parameters.

Improves the knowledge of process and obtains better quality in:

  • Bead Layering
  • Blender mixer
  • Extrusion – Spheronization.
  • Hot Melt Extrusion
  • Minitableting

*Other processes in development

PAT goals:

  • Reduce Production Cycling Time
  • Prevent Rejection of Batches
  • Enable Real Time Release
  • Reduce Energy and Material Use
  • Facilitate Continuous  Processing
  • Improve knowledge of process and obtain better quality products
  • Risk mitigation




Additional product information

Real-timedeterminationofcriticalqualityattributes Download
DeterminationoftheDesignSpace Download
NearInfraredMonitoringofCompositionandPhysicalParameters Download
On-LineMonitoringofAGranulationProcess Download

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